Saturday, 19 March 2011

Award from my blogmates

Guten Abend freund :D
Everyone, how are you? I hope, you just still fine in a bad weather, as you know, extreme weather happens in the world, especially for our country. Aih, I'll make chit chat hehe, sorry.
Friends, today, I got an award from my close blogmates, you know who? Nana-chan gave me an award and I wanna give thank for her. Viel dank nana :) This award have 5 rules. And I'll tell you that rules, okay, check it out !

1st, anyone who get this award must be share to 7 blogmates of them. And the lucky blogmates are :
For everyone who wants this award

2nd, tell about yourself
I was just ordinary girl who was born from extra-ordinary woman, and that's my mom. I'll tell you about myself.
a. I'm one of a dreamer, imaginer, or sometimes when I read an novel and the like, I always make own world hehe
b. I love reading novel so much and writing anything I can on the paper, or maybe you can called 'Goresan'
c. Want to be a drumer, and secret project for this year haha, Amin, pray for me!
d. When I was elementary school until now, I like math subject but I dislike sport subject.
e. I like listening to the classical, pop, and religion music but I seldom listening the jazz music
f. I often to go to the bed so lately
g. I can give motivation for my friends, but sometimes I can't give motivation for myself,

3rd, say give thank to giver of this award, thank you so much Nana :)

4th, if you got this award before, please take this award and doing the rules

5th, doing the rules with hearty

Finaly, thank you for the reading and I'm sorry if I make a mistake. Auf wiedersehen !